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Dates DVDs Added:
May 2019:
Experimental Watercolour Workshop with Ann Blockley
November 2018:
Sailing Through Watercolours with Elizabeth Tyler
June 2018:
Learn Colour in Painting Quickly with Hazel Soan
Step by Step Guide to Painting Watercolors with Matthew Palmer
February 2018:
Oil Portraits in Five Stages with Andrew James
November 2017:
Paint, Pour and Play with Denise Allen and Pebep Mixed Media
September 2017:
Seasons in Watercolour with Jane Betteridge
African Watercolours Revisited with Hazel Soan
July 2017:
From Dynamic Sketch to Finished Painting with Chris Forsey RI
May 2017:
Painting Niagara with Thomas Kegler
Vibrant Watercolours with Hazel Lale
April 2017:
Art Marketing Boot Camp with Eric Rhoads
March 2017:
Creating an Elegant Still Life with Daniela Astone
Learn to Paint People Quickly with Hazel Soan
January 2017:
One Hour Watercolours with Ian McManus
Creating Portraits from Life with Patricia Watwood
Atmospheric Landscapes in Acrylics with Fraser Scarfe
December 2016:
Painting Seascapes in Watercolour with Gerald J Fritzler
November 2016:
Painting Arles with Peter Brown
The Master's Mind with Bryan Mark Taylor
Contemporary Christmas Cards with Alison C. Board
October 2016:
Taking a Chance with Watercolour with David Norman
Secrets of Classical Painting with Juliette Aristides
Techniques of the Hudson River School Masters with Erik Koeppel
August 2016:
Secrets of Portrait Painting with Cesar Santos
May 2016:
Brusho and Beyond with Alison C. Board
April 2016:
Watercolour Problems and Solutions with Trudy Friend
Playing with Pastel: Waves and Rocks with Tricia Taylor
Watercolour for Beginners Parts 13 & 14 (Painting the Sea and Flowers in the Landscape) with Peter Woolley
Watercolour for Beginners Parts 11 & 12 (Figures & Faces and Painting the Water) with Peter Woolley
Watercolour for Beginners Parts 9 & 10 (Negative Painting and Painting Mountains) with Peter Woolley
First Steps in Water-Mixable Oils with Max Hale
March 2016:
Painting without Paint (Landscapes on your Tablet) with Matthew Palmer
Playing with Pastel: Sea and Sand with Tricia Taylor
Watercolour for Beginners Parts 7 & 8 (Water & Reflections and Line & Wash) with Peter Woolley
Watercolour for Beginners Parts 5 & 6 (Buildings & Perspective and Wainter in Watercolour) with Peter Woolley
February 2016:
Learn Oils Quickly with Hazel Soan
Watercolour for Beginners Parts 3 & 4 (Trees in the Landscape and Painting Skies) with Peter Woolley
Watercolour for Beginners Parts 1 & 2 (Building Blocks of W/c and Tone & Composition) with Peter Woolley
December 2015:
Depth and Detail in Watercolour with Elizabeth Tyler
November 2015:
Drawing & Painting Cats with Vic Bearcroft
October 2015:
Watercolour Inspiration with Jean Haines
September 2015:
Simplifying Line Wash & Watercolour with John Hoar
Painting Pastel Landscapes with Jeremy Ford
July 2015:
Atmospheric Coastal Watercolour Landscapes with Robert Brindley
Step by Step Abstract Art Series 11 with Glenn Farquhar
June 2015:
Pastel Demonstration - Lingcove Bridge with Jenny Keal
The Magic of Watercolour Flowers with Paul Riley
May 2015:
Mediums & Techniques with Texture with Tricia Reust
Drawing Techniques with Tricia Reust
April 2015:
The Beginners Guide to Acrylic Painting with Marion Dutton
Painting with Pastels with Jenny Keal
March 2015:
Painting Workshops 6 with Richard Robinson
Watercolours Unleashed with Jane Betteridge
Painting Workshops 5 with Richard Robinson
February 2015:
Four Seasons in Contemporary Watercolour with Chris Forsey RI
January 2015:
Painting Workshops 4 with Richard Robinson
Chunky Acrylics with Marilyn Allis
Painting Workshops 3 with Richard Robinson
November 2014:
Experimental Landscapes in Watercolour with Ann Blockley
Painting Workshops 2 with Richard Robinson
Loose & Lively Watercolour with Louise Bougourd
October 2014:
Winter Landscapes in Watercolour with David Bellamy
Painting Workshops 1 with Richard Robinson
Winning Watercolours with Steve Hall
September 2014:
Digital Painting for Artists with Fraser Scarfe
The Protector - Marine Paintings in Oil with Byron Pickering
August 2014:
Experimental Watercolour with Alison C. Board
July 2014:
Light and Atmosphere in Oil Landscapes with Chris Daynes
Watercolour SOS with Jeremy Ford
Learn Watercolour Quickly with Hazel Soan
June 2014:
Mastering Sunsets with Richard Robinson
Top Techniques for Artists with Geoff Kersey, Marion Dutton and Jeremy Ford
May 2014:
Acrylic Landscapes ith the Wow Factor with Lynda Appleby
March 2014:
Watercolour Rainbow with Hazel Soan
February 2014:
The Magical World of Fantasy Watercolours with Sharon Hurst
January 2014:
Going Wild in Watercolour with Jake Winkle
Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner with Matthew Palmer
November 2013:
Wild Adventures in Acrylics - How To Finish A Painting with Keith Fenwick
October 2013:
Watercolour Fast and Free with John Hoar
Watercolour Simplified with Pat Weaver
September 2013:
Enchanting Painting Effects with the Magic Watercolour Sponge Eraser - includes FREE MAGIC SPONGE
Charles Reid's English Watercolour Sketchbook
August 2013:
Wild About Oil with Pip McGarry
June 2013:
Pushing The Boundaries Of Watercolour with Chris Forsey RI
Watercolour Secrets with Matthew Palmer
May 2013:
Captivating Cats in Pastel with Vic Bearcroft
April 2013:
Painting the Light in Watercolour with Cecil Rice
Pastel Workout with Jackie Simmonds
March 2013:
The Peak DIstrict in Watercolour with Geoff Kersey
Drawing For Fun with Brian Doyle
Just Draw (Life Drawing Special Edition 3 DVD Set)  with Dr Manny
Wessons Watercolour Secrets with Steve Hall
February 2013:
Improve your Water Painting Techniques in Watercolour with Gordon Mackenzie
Stunning Crystal & Glass with Joy Faulknor
January 2013:
10-Minute Watercolours with Hazel Soan
Hints and Tips for Watercolour Artists with Matthew Palmer
Painting Outside the Lines: A Positive Approach to Negative Painting with Linda Kemp
December 2012:
The Magic of Watercolour  & Outdoor Painting Twin Pack with James Fletcher-Watson
A-Z of Botanical Flowers in Watercolour with Michael Lakin
Step by Step Abstract Art Series 7, 8, 9 & 10 with Glenn Farquhar
Botanical Illustration Course with the Eden Project with Rosie Martin & Meriel Thurstan
November 2012:
Successful Summer Watercolour Landscapes with Robert Brindley
Ray Campbell Smith's Way with Watercolour - Exploring Landscape Painting
October 2012:
Drawings & Mixed Media with Tricia Reust
Drawing & Painting Wild Animals with Vic Bearcroft
Yes You Can Draw with Malcolm Cudmore
September 2012:
Improve Your Boats in Watercolour with Ian King
Chinese Watercolour Techniques - Painting Animals with Lian Quan Zhen
Revealing The Secrets of Acrylics with Soraya French SWA
August 2012:
Puppy and Kitten in Pastel with Vic Bearcroft
Dynamic Flowers with Dee Cowell
July 2012:
Expressive Oil Portraits with Andrew James R.P.
The Pen & Wash Course with Margaret Evans
Improve your Skies in Watercolour with Geoff Kersey
June 2012:
My World of Watercolour with Shirley Trevena R.I.
May 2012:
Vibrant Acrylics with Hashim Akib
Trees, Woodlands & Forests with Geoff Kersey
April 2012:
Watercolour Passion with Jean Haines
March 2012:
Beyond Watercolour with Chris Forsey RI
Atelier Interactive Acrylics with Fraser Scarfe
Portrait Painting: A Portrait of Clint with Hilary Page
February 2012:
Drawing and Painting Ancient Buildings with Reg Siger
Winter Landscapes in Oil with Brian Ryder
January 2012:
How To Paint Flowers in Acrylics with Tim Fisher
Line, Wash & Watercolour with John Hoar
Step by Step Abstract Art Series 3 with Glenn Farquhar
Step by Step Abstract Art Series 4 with Glenn Farquhar
Step by Step Abstract Art Series 5 with Glenn Farquhar
Step by Step Abstract Art Series 6 with Glenn Farquhar
The Art of John Ward CBE RA
October 2011:
Painting Nature in Pen & Ink with Watercolour (Double Disc) with Claudia Nice
Simplifying Oil Landscapes with Chris Daynes
Light and Movement in Watercolour with Jake Winkle
September 2011:
Kieth Fenwicks Top Tips Watercolour
Painting Water with Joe Francis Dowden
Brush with Watercolour with Terry Harrison
August 2011:
Pack containing all 3 of Mark Waller's DVDs
Water Fundamentals with Mark Waller
Foam & Whitewash with Mark Waller
Tips & Techniques with Mark Waller
July 2011:
Mediterranean Landscapes in Watercolour with Geoff Kersey
Dynamic Oil Portraits with Tim Benson AROI
June 2011:
Experimental Flowers in Watercolour with Ann Blockley SWA
Watercolour Flower Portraits with Billy Showell
Watercolour Fruit & Vegetable Portraits with Billy Showell
May 2011:
The Essence of Watercolour with Hazel Soan
Jan Vermeer Documantary
Edouard Manet Documantary
Tiziano (Titian) Documantary
Hogarths Progress Documantary
April 2011:
Wendy's Top Tips for Acrylic Artists with Wendy Jelbert
Paint Along With Matthew Palmer
Creating Depth & Distance in your Painting with Geoff Kersey
Improve your Trees in Pencil with Trudy Friend
Ready To Paint Venice in Watercolour with Joe Francis Dowden
March 2011:
Amazing Ways with Watercolour with Jean Haines
Seasonal Landscapes (2 DVD Set) with Keith Fenwick
The Ultimate Drawing and Painting Technique Bible (2 DVD Set) with Trudy Friend
The Complete Landscape Watercolour Course (3 DVD Set) with Ian King
The Art Course (6 DVD Set) - Various Artists
Oil Sketching on Location with Robert Brindley RSMA
February 2011:
Complete Drawing Course for Beginners with Ronald Swanwick
Ready to Paint Watercolour Rivers and Streams with Keith Fenwick
Improve your Farm Animals with Trudy Friend
The Old Bush Shack with Jenny Macnaughton
Impressions in Oils with James Horton PRBA
January 2011:
Fullers Earth with Warwick Fuller
A Direct Approach with Warwick Fuller
Into the Light with Warwick Fuller
Lessons in the Landscape with Warwick Fuller
Spirit of Place - The Art of Paul Hogarth OBE RA
Watercolour Realism - a different approach with Elizabeth Tyler
December 2010:
Design Dynamic Paintings with Ed Labadie in HD on Blu-ray
Design Dynamic Paintings with Ed Labadie
Coastal Adeventures in Acrylic with Adebanji Alade
November 2010:
Quick & Clever Watercolour Landscapes with Charles Evans
Painting Watercolour Landscapes The Easy Way with Terry Harrison
In High Places with Peter Woolley
Australian Country Landscapes with Jenny MacNaughton
October 2010:
Draw and Paint Cats & Dogs with Pastel Pencils with Colin Bradley
A-Z of Flower Portraits with Billy Showell
Geoff's Top Tips for Watercolour Artists with Geoff Kersey
Cotswolds Scenes in Watercolour with Steve Hall
How To Paint Colour & Light in Watercolour with Jean Haines
September 2010:
The Road to Mullumbimby with Len Hend
Improve your Pastel Painting with Arnold Lowrey
Perfect Portraits with Carole Massey
Terrys Top Tips for Acrylics with Terry Harrison
Painting Monet in Acrylics (2 Discs) with Noel Gregory
Realistic Painting with Acrylics with Elizabeth Tyler
Nancy Tichborne teaches Watercolours Part 1
Nancy Tichborne teaches Watercolours Part 2
Nancy Tichborne teaches Watercolours Part 3 - Landscapes 
August 2010:
Painting Atmospheric Oil Landscapes Brian Ryder
July 2010:
Botanical Illustration with Siriol Sherlock
Exploring Flowers in Watercolour with Siriol Sherlock
Starting Out in Oils with James Willis
June 2010:
Improve Your Watercolour with Chinese Techniques with Lian Zhen
Portrait Painting in Oil with June Mendoza
May 2010:
Painting Atmospheric Watercolour Landscapes With Robert Brindley