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    DVD - Wessons Watercolour Secrets with Steve Hall Au$59.95

One of the most influential teachers of watercolour painting in the last half century in the UK was the late Edward Wesson - 1910-1983. Sadly "Ted" as he was universally known never got to make a teaching video but West Country artist Steve Hall has attempted to fill the void. Steve has made a 12 year study of the great man and co-written two books on Wesson. He also owns a considerable number of Wesson originals and by close examination of the paintings and painstaking detective work Steve has pieced together the techniques that made Edward Wesson a painting legend.The result is this DVD that lifts the lid on Edward Wesson's watercolour secrets. Steve even paints one picture on the DVD with Wesson's own painting brushes - recently given to him by Ted's daughter Elizabeth Wesson.There are four full demonstrations on this DVD.

Running Time : 96 mins

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