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    DVD - Coastal Adventures in Acrylic with Adebanji Alade Au$59.95

Adebanji Alade is one of the most exciting new artists in Britain today working in both oil and acrylic. He has won a clutch of awards for his dynamic, mostly urban, paintings that are usually full of people and life. Not that Adebanji paints his people with solemnity and precision. Often as not they are applied in a frenzy of colour and brushstrokes and are little more than dabs of colour. But the results are spectacular and it is this highly energised whirlwind style painting that he demonstrates on this his first teaching DVD.

On this DVD he travel s to the quintessentially English seaside resort of Cromer on the north coast of Norfolk. The DVD was filmed in the middle of summer and Cromer was teaming with holidaymaking families making it idea territory for Adebanji. He paints his first two pictures on Cromer's Edwardian Pier before moving along the promenade a little to captures an amazing view of the pier and promenade from a high vantage point complete with scores of bustling visitors. He finishes up with a beach scene compete with fishing boats.

Adebanji is a provisional member of the Royal Instutire fo Oil Painters.

Running Time : 133 mins

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