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    DVD - Painting Atmospheric Oil Landscapes Brian Ryder Au$59.95

Location painting in Edward Seago's NorfolkBrian Ryder's passion is creating truly atmospheric oil paintings from subjects than many artists would walk right past. On this DVD he visits the wetland landscape of the Norfolk Broads near the home of one of England's best loved landscape painters, Edward Seago. Brian shows how he interprets the flat landscapes and big open skies of Seago-land and shows you how to create an exciting landscape painting out of virtually nothing. Brian paints on Seago's beloved Halvergate marshes and produces a lovely Broadland scene at the bottom of the lane where Seago lived.The DVD also includes Brian Ryder's Simple Guide to Colour Mixing - designed to take the mystery out of getting just the right colour in oil painting.Brian is a popular teacher demonstrator and author of books on painting and a provisional Member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

Running Time : 118 mins

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