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    DVD - Brush with Watercolour (Double Disc) with Terry Harrison Au$47

Part 1
Using Terrys unique range of brushes, a host of techniques are thoroughly demonstrated in a range of step-by-step demonstrations. You will learn to create a variety of landscapes including tackling water flowing under a humpback bridge. A sunlit pony drinking from a tranquil stream will introduce animals to your landscapes, and a dark, heavy sky hanging over a Scottish castle, will enable you to paint drama and atmosphere.

Part 2
Continuing with the theme of introducing buildings to a landscape in part 1, you will learn to add slices of light and shadows in a painting. Create a thatched roof, and a French cafe basking in the sun with strong white light. A warm landscape in rural Hampshire will bring together all of the skills you have learnt.

Running Time : 175 mins

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