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    DVD - Improve your Farm Animals with Trudy Friend Au$39.95

Professional artist Trudy Friend is back with the latest installment of the Improve Your series - Farm Animals in Mixed Media. In this comprehensive DVD, Trudy uses watercolour to capture the delicate details of a donkey, and water-soluble pencils to create the soft lines of a goat.

Drawing on her vast experience in art, Trudy is able to teach you how to make the most of each medium and subject; from great ideas for your initial sketch to those vital finishing touches. You will learn how best to capture the varying directions of animal fur, along with some great tips on drawing and painting from a reference photo.If you are looking to improve your farm animal subjects, or simply pick up some invaluable tips from a real professional, Trudys latest DVD is an absolute must-have!

Running Time : 50 mins

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