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    DVD - Complete Drawing Course for Beginners with Ronald Swanwick Au$69.95

If you haven't got your copy then you mustn't miss out! Ronald Swanwick's Complete Drawing Course for Beginners has been re-launched as a series of four excellent DVD's to teach you everything you need to know about drawing...all within the comfort of your own home!

This course will help you learn all about perspective and how to draw three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface plus the principles of eye level and vanishing points enabling you to draw streets and objects with ease. Discover the basics of planning & proportion and how to set up the framework of your picture, using your pencil as a measuring tool. You'll then look at the composition, where you will learn how to position your focal point on the page and how to observe and draw people. Teaching you the rules of tone and texture, Ronald demonstrates how to draw highlights within a glass, buildings which ooze character and a realistic looking otter bathing comfortably by the bank of a river.Whether you're a beginner looking for a way to move forward or craving new ideas and inspiration, this course will have you creating drawings you can be proud of in no time at all!

Running Time : 268 mins (4 DVDs)

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