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    DVD - Botanical Illustration Course Eden Project with Rosie Martin & Meriel Thurstan Au$39.95

Devised by experienced teacher and award winning artist Rosie Martin and organiser of the Eden diploma course in botanical illustration, Meriel Thurstan, this DVD is based on the botanical illustration course taught at the highly acclaimed Eden Project in Cornwall.This DVD provides a truly personal approach to botanical teaching, with both Rosie and Meriel tackling small exercises and demonstrating techniques, such as basic pencil work, shading, merging colours, creating form and adding detail, before pulling everything together as they reveal how to tackle the larger, more advanced watercolour projects when they draw and paint an artichoke.Whether you are an experienced artist or a budding botanical illustrator, it is easy to produce beautiful and impressive plant portraits with this accessible and inspirational guide.

Running Time : 80 mins

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