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    DVD - Hints and Tips for Watercolour Artists with Matthew Palmer Au$39.95

Popular artist Matthew Palmer shares his expertise in this brilliant DVD packed full of essential top tips for watercolour artists.This cleverly structured DVD shows Matthew working his way through various chapters, including, 'five-minute skies', featuring a cloudy sky, a sunset sky and a night time sky, ingeniously using a coin to create a crisp moon. Moving on, Matthew moves onto a chapter on 'five-minute trees'. Including distant trees, the effects of the seasons and how to create life-like silver birch bark, this chapter gives you the skill to add realistic foliage to your work. He then covers painting water scenes and incorporating shadows to your work to add a sense of realism.So if you struggle with your technique or would simply like to master how to compose a watercolour painting, interpret photographs or learn the importance of shadows, then this is a must have for your collection!

Running Time : 60 mins

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