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    DVD - A - Z of Botanical Flowers in Watercolour with Michael Lakin Au$39.95

If you want to take flower painting seriously, this is one of the best introductions you could wish for setting you on your way to learn some of the more advanced skills in botanical painting.Michael's first demonstration goes though how to paint a Nymphaea (Water Lilly) progressing onto a Galanthus (Snowdrop), using his simple step-by-step six stage technique.Starting with the first thin wash, he gradually grades the colour and then builds up tone and form with stronger colours to create a three dimensional effect. He uses darker tones to give shadows to the parts of the flower that crossover, and then harmonises the colours of the flower and leaves to catch the reflected light. Then he adds detail and tidies up uneven edges using a flat brush, and brings the whole subject together with a final thin wash using transparent colours to catch the light.There's also an extra feature where Michael Lakin demonstrates how to add depth and detail on tubular flowers.

Running Time : 95 mins

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