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    DVD - The Pen & Wash Course with Margaret Evans Au$47

Explore a world of pen and wash possibilities with professional artist Margaret Evans! On this inspirational double DVD art course, Margaret will show you how to harness the power of pens and watercolour washes to create an array of eye-catching paintings.In part one Margaret will show you how to tackle a number of different subjects in this fascinating medium, including water, people, and buildings. You will even learn how to use white correction fluid to add highlights and emphasis to your paintings!

Part two sees Margaret revealing more advanced pen techniques as she captures a few different scenes including a colourful selection of flowers, a Venetian boat scene, and much more. With Margaret's wealth of experience with this unique medium, you're sure to learn something new, and surprise yourself at how achievable great results can be!

Running Time : 123 mins (Double Disc)

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