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    DVD - Loose & Lively Watercolour with Louise Bougourd Au$39.95

This entertaining and informative DVD is all about creating textures and atmosphere using the wet-in-wet technique.Louise is an enthusiastic painter and demonstrator - "It's all about having fun", she says, and she uses bright and often unconventional colours along with effects created by crumpled greaseproof paper and clingfilm to create some dramatic effects.There are three full demonstrations in the film: moorland trees with a dry stone wall, where moss and bark are suggested by textured and blended pigments, a harbour scene at Dartmouth that uses soft, blended washes to create a background treeline and, finally, a thoroughly lifelike robin painted in almost no time at all.You probably won't believe just how much water Louise uses and you'll also be amazed by how she uses it uncoloured to begin the structure of an object, adding pigment later to create textures and contours. Although much of the work looks like happy accidents, it's impressive how much control Louise has and her clear explanations of how she works mean that you can do the same.

Running Time : 70 mins

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