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    DVD - Wild Adventures in Acrylics - How To Finish A Painting with Keith Fenwick Au$39.95

This inspirational DVD is all about bringing light, colour & life to your finished paintings. . . With just a few carefully-placed brushstrokes.Keith demonstrates exactly what beginners, and even more experienced artists, need to know - and the results speak for themselves.Beginning with a full demonstration of a forest scene using the watercolour method, Keith works from dark to light - creating trees based on simple shapes, before adding highlights using lighter colours to introduce shape & depth.Further demonstrations, using the impasto method, show how you can turn flat, dull scenes into real head-turners. Keith adds depth to foliage & highlights to water and even enhances perspective by simple, yet confident brushwork.This is a DVD thats packed full of practical hints, tips and painting wisdom.

Running Time : 75 mins

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