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    DVD - The Complete Watercolour Landscape Course (3 x DVD) with Ian King Au$59.95

Whether you are a beginner, stuck in a rut or looking for a fresh approach, this DVD course with Ian King will have you painting successful watercolour landscapes in no time!

In Part 1 you will learn the very basics and how to complete successful compositions, which include; sky, background, foreground, your subject, trees, detail and shadows. In a matter of minutes you will be able to paint a number of simple landscapes!

Build on your skills in Part 2 as you learn to paint an attractive autumnal scene of a freshly ploughed field, then discover how simple it is to paint water as Ian guides you through a beautiful river scene filled with colourful reeds.

Bring everything you have learnt together in Part 3 as you paint two attractive compositions. Ian goes on location to demonstrate how to create a sketch of a cottage by a river before returning to the studio to bring it to life. He also shows you how to work from photographs to paint an ancient sail boat.

This set of three DVDs will teach you everything you need to paint successful watercolour landscapes...and once you have completed it you'll be painting your very own compositions effortlessly!

Running Time : 180 mins (3 DVD set)

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