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    DVD - Watercolour Rainbow with Hazel Soan Au$39.95

If you thought you understood colour, think again. No matter how much you've read, you've never had the complexities and technicalities of your basic stock-in-trade explained in such straightforward and practical terms.In a series of studio exercises and demonstrations, Hazel will show you how everything stems from the three primaries - red, blue and yellow. She'll show you how to use hue and tone to create form, shape and depth, how to achieve harmony among your colours and how to use temperature to show recession and distance.Hazel also explains the differences between transparent and opaque pigments, and how to exploit the difference between staining and lifting colours.Finally, she'll show you how to paint a complex street scene using just six basic colours, mixing the different shades required as you go.This is as entertaining and practical a film as you'd expect from Hazel, who is on top form with what can be a difficult subject to explain.

Running Time : 110 mins

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