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    DVD - Learn Watercolour Quickly with Hazel Soan Au$39.95

In this DVD Hazel distils the nuggets of watercolour painting, encouraging both the first timer and the practiced painter to concentrate on what matters. She explains the basic concepts of watercolour with clarity and fun: such as using the white of the paper to capture highlights, how to mix paint, the concept of primary and secondary colours and working with brushes.The DVD ranges from simple watercolour sketches to more complex compositions. Hazel uses a variety of subjects such as leaves, fruit, flowers, figures, animals and buildings, and a minimum of materials to avoid complication and to concentrate on the processes involved. "Keep it simple" is her message throughout.As the film progresses, you'll be introduced to a variety of techniques such as wet-on-dry and wet-in-wet, how to lay washes, use masking fluid and lift out colour. Each demonstration is clearly explained and Hazel's enthusiasm will keep you wanting to see more.The film concludes with a sunny cafe scene full of light & shade. Hazel breaks this down into its component parts to show how a seemingly complex scene doesn't need to be daunting or result in over-work.

Running Time : 60 mins

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