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    DVD - Vibrant Watercolours with Hazel Lale Au$39.95

Hazel Lale's approach to painting is entirely defined by colour. She encourages you to break free from conventional watercolour techniques and bring real vibrancy and brightness to your work, often using unexpected, but very effective colour choices!Hazel says "Taking risks and making a glorious mess should remain part of your painting process, because it is from such results that you will find the next step in your thinking and in your painting know-how."This inspiring DVD is a guide to being 'fearless' about how you can use colour to create excitement in your paintings. Hazel takes you through her sketching methods, and shows you some examples of her approach to colour, before embarking on a final street scene filled with rich, deep colours that give the painting atmosphere and drama.This is a fascinating film that teaches much about the process of painting and doesn't only apply to Hazel's own individual style.

Running Time : 75 mins

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