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    DVD - Improve Your Water Painting Techniques in Watercolour with Gordon Mackenzie Au$39.95

Painting water can be one of the most visually pleasing but quite often equally challenging aspects of a painting - until now!Gordon MacKenzie unravels a series of water painting techniques in watercolour that are sure to add a new dimension to your painting. Gordon believes "Painting Water doesn't have to be hard - it's just a matter of learning a few techniques. The rest is just practice!"Gordon first paints a unique rock pool scene capturing what's visible both above and beneath the waters surface. Gordon compares this technique to looking through a Venetian blind - when the blind is open you can see the blind itself but also what's beyond it. The results are truly stunning and the techniques speak for themselves.The second painting Gordon tackles focuses on looking through water from directly above. Gordon uses a negative painting technique to paint the space between the rocks and adds to the effect by creating shafts of light descending into the depths.For his final painting, Gordon uses a paper towel to create white capped waves in a stunning seascape.Learn to paint water how you never thought possible with this exciting and informative DVD!

Running Time : 45 mins

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