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    DVD - Trees, Woodlands & Forests in Watercolour with Geoff Kersey Au$39.95

This is not so much a DVD about how to paint trees, as how to paint scenes with trees in them, and it's all the better for that.

Geoff has chosen an excellent variety of subjects from the stark shapes of a winter morning's walk to the dappled shade of a woodland in spring, from the warm afternoon sunshine of a Manhattan park to the chilly afterglow of a midwinter evening.

Geoff takes you through the hints and tips which will help you complete 24 paintings, helping you tackle a wide range of exciting projects - such as how to paint convincing looking reflections in the water, rustic foliage on an autumn willow tree, how to create perspective and scale by adding figures to the landscape and how you can splatter masking fluid to create lively looking fountains.

With Geoff as your guide this excellent DVD is sure to put a spring in your step and you'll realise that learning to paint is easier than you think.

Running Time : 114 mins

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