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    DVD - Creating Depth & Distance in your painting with Geoff Kersey Au$47

Give your painting a new lease of life with professional artist Geoff Kersey!Back by popular demand, this double DVD course reveals some invaluable tips and techniques for mastering both depth and distance in your watercolour painting.

In part one, Geoff finds inspiration in some Derbyshire hillsides as he demonstrates how to create depth and distance by blending warmer colours in the foreground and paler tones for the background.

In part two, Geoff introduces new challenges such as reflections in water, boats, skies, light on buildings and much more. Watch and learn as Geoff explores a variety of subjects with both depth and distance in mind.With this fantastic twin DVD set, you'll learn how to bring new levels of depth and distance to your watercolour painting!

Running Time : 142 mins (Double DVD)

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