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    DVD - Digital Painting for Artists with Fraser Scarfe Au$39.95

Popular artist, Fraser Scarfe, gently guides you through the virtual painting process from start to finish. He begins in the studio explaining the range of popular apps available to help fill your blank electronic canvas with colour to create your own dazzling digital art.With a practical overview on electronic brush applications, sizes, shapes, palettes, mediums and special effects, Fraser demonstrates how to use a touch screen device to add colour and use textures to create depth, and build up your artwork.He then goes out on location with his portable pad to illustrate how a mixture of technology and creative flair can help capture the mood, colours and key elements of a wonderful woodland forest - complete with shady trees, realistic foliage and an interesting water feature.Then, back in the studio, Fraser switches on his artistic ability to power through a variety of apps, with a range of simple hints and tips to show the true versatility of electronic art. . . And the stunning, natural results it can produce - as he transforms a blank screen into a rural landscape complete with earthy tones, billowing clouds and subtle highlights.Join Fraser on this digital adventure and enjoy the freedom of having everything you need at your fingertips - wherever you go and discover how technology can free your creative confidence with remarkable results.

Running Time : 60 mins

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