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    DVD - Watercolour Secrets with Charles Reid 47.00Au$39.95

WARNING: This Trailer and DVD contain nudity
American professional artist Charles Reid offers you an inside glimpse into his sketchbook, sharing actual pages along with critiques and insights he's learned through years of practice. With each entry, you'll learn how to improve your own watercolour technique.Five detailed step-by-step demonstrations enable you to create watercolour masterpieces of your own. With Charles' concise and encouraging explanations, you'll feel as if you've found your own personal teacher.In this DVD, Charles unravels the mystery behind the complexities of drawing from live models, moving on to Lincolnshire landscapes as he ventures outside the studio. His loose style is refreshing and unique.Exploring the possibilities of watercolour is when Charles is at his best, which is evident in abundance in this exciting set.

Running Time : 115 mins

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