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    DVD - Painting Nature in Pen & Ink with Watercolour (Double Disc) with Claudia Nice Au$47
  Part 1
In this instructional DVD Claudia begins by showing you the basic techniques involved with watercolour. She introduces ways you can add vitality to a picture with the addition of pen and ink. Starting with a simple shell, Claudia progresses to painting leaves, birds and landscapes. By simplifying a picture Claudia demonstrates how you do not have to paint everything you see to create beautiful pictures.

Part 2
Claudia introduces various techniques to improve your paintings. She demonstrates the use of masking fluid and highlights the effect sand can make by adding texture to your pictures. Claudia also reveals how to paint a scene from two different photographs, creating your own landscape. She draws together all the tips and hints throughout the video to paint a lovely waterfall scene. Whether you are a novice or more advanced artist, Claudia will enhance your knowledge of painting in watercolour, pen and ink.

Running Time : 127 mins (2 Discs)

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