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    DVD - Perfect Portraits with Carole Massey Au$39.95

Learn to paint beautiful portraits with talented artist Carole Massey in this fantastic DVD!In her easy to follow teaching method, Carole explains how to understand the face and demonstrates how to observe and draw facial features of adults and children in pencil.After you have learnt the basics of portraiture, Carole will guide you through three step-by-step projects, helping you to build up your skills and technique whilst experimenting with a number of different drawing media.You will learn how to draw a charming yet simple scene of a young boy in pastel pencils, an attractive scene of a young woman in water soluble pencils and a more challenging vibrant scene of an older man in a combination of pastels and pastel pencils.In next to no time, Carole will build up your confidence and guide you from a portraiture beginner through to intermediate portrait artist!

Running Time : 70 mins

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