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    DVD - Acrylics The Watercolor Alternative with Charles Harrington 47.00Au$39.95

Discover for yourself, the sheer pleasure and versatility of painting in acrylics and youll be hooked! Possessing all the transparent and luminous qualities of watercolour but with less of the limitations, its a wonderful, exciting medium to explore and who better to help you on this discovery than renowned artist, Charles Harrington.Through this fabulous DVD, he introduces you to the versatility, the liberation of painting with acrylics. As he gently guides you through simple, step-by-step demonstrations, he unfolds his secrets - how to compose studies that really work, how to mask off areas for fine detailing, to successfully merge transparent, translucent and opaque layers within the same passage whilst maintaining all the freshness and vibrancy of colour and tone and how easy it is to correct mistakes - something you cant do with watercolour!The results will astound you, beautiful vibrant paintings!

Running Time : 68 mins

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