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    DVD - The Art Course (Set of 6 DVDs) Au$79.95
  This is your chance to own the very best Art Course ever made!Join Richard Taylor and some of your favourite artists as they present the ultimate in art instruction programmes, covering everything you need to know about painting with a wide variety of subjects with a wide range of mediums. With the thirteen lessons on six DVDs, learning to paint has never been such good value for money!

You are bound to enjoy this course which covers a huge range of techniques and subjects including landscapes, portraits, trees, skies, weather, buildings, water, reflections, gardens and figures. You will work in a wide range of media and materials, and learn from leading teaching artists. You will also cover colour mixing, perspective, light, atmosphere and composition, in fact everything you need to develop into an accomplished artist. By the end of the course, you will have attended your own personal art class - this is truly an Art School in Your Home!

Just some of the things The Art Course covers:
- The basic techniques
- Composition
- Creating form and texture
- Shading techniques
- Colour
- Reflections
- Painting from photographs
- Layering
- Materials and equipment
- Sketching and drawing
- Distance, middle distance and foreground
- Masking fluid and other mediums
- Proportion
and lots more!

Richard Taylor presents The Art Course with these top artists:

- Jackie Simmonds
- Hazel Soan
- Charles Evans
- Margaret Evans
- Alan Oliver
- Nick Ashton
- Trevor Waugh

Running Time : 585 mins! (6 DVDs)

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