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    DVD - Draw & Paint Cats & Dogs Pastel Pencils (2 Disc) with Colin Bradley Au$39.95

Whether you're a dog person or a cat person, you'll love Colin Bradley's new DVD course!This superb two DVD set will show you how to capture some of our furry friends; taking them from blank page to final composition in the exquisite detail offered by pastel pencils. The course features both long hair and short hair varieties, so there are plenty of different techniques for you to explore.From capturing the soft white of a friendly West Yorkshire Terrier to the sleek dark tones of an elegant black cat, Colin's easy to follow instructions will have you reaching for your own pastel pencils in no time at all!Professional artist Colin Bradley is the perfect guide for this journey into the world of everyone's favourite pets - so make sure you don't miss out and get your copy today!

Running Time : 138 mins

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