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    DVD - Painting Niagara with Thomas Kegler Au$199

In this video, for the first time ever, master painter Thomas Kegler reveals the step-by-step process he used to paint his masterwork Niagara, Psalms 84:11.This video is a masterwork in itself. We believe it will go down in history as an important documentary of how a single artist created such a monumental and historic painting, a feat few artists would ever attempt.If you have ever asked yourself HOW a painter can capture something as intricate and elaborate in nature as Niagara Falls, this video explains it in detail.What we find fascinating is how Thomas managed to create so many interwoven pieces, as though he'd done dozens of small paintings on one large canvas. It is so striking and realistic - and yet still lets the viewer have an emotional experience derived from Kegler's creative vision.

In this all-new video release, Thomas gives you a rare behind-the-scenes look into his technical processes as he creates the painting, including his "layered" technique and several fascinating methods for using the palette knife.

Inside you'll discover:

- How to perform your initial sketches and all the steps in preparation before you begin to paint
- What you should consider in your notes and studies (including temperature value and hues, pigments, light and shadow interactions, and more)
- How to transfer your drawing to a larger canvas without throwing off perspective
- The important first steps to prep your canvas to give you a perfect foundation, creating unity
- The carpenter's tool Kegler uses as a critical part of his painting and preparation process
- How to block in a believable sky and prepare it for atmosphere and mist
- How to mass in the "dead colors" for the trees, the cascade of the falls, and the moss-covered rocks at the bottom of the escarpment
- How to paint the color shifts in the dome of the sky, and where to place your darker and lighter colors
- How to obscure your brushstrokes and hide the forms so you can create the illusion of a deep sky
- The essential brushstrokes Thomas makes when he lays in the tree forms (in both the foreground and background)
- How he designs the cloud structures and highlights, and the color mixtures he uses to do this
- How to convey moss growth on the rocks
- How to check measurements, proportions, and alignment to make sure you are on track as you go
- How he develops the face of the rock cliff and the colors, creating a sense of reality
- How to create edges so they feel more natural
- The unexpected tool Thomas uses to create a sense of texture
- How to soften edges using special tools
- How to play cool and warm colors against one another to create a feel for temperature
- What to do at the water's edge to make your painting feel believable
- Mixing secrets to give the paint a touch of transparency to mimic the effect of water
- How to paint the magical effect of the sunlight hitting leaves and foliage
- The brushes Thomas uses to work on the multiple water forms in the various sections of the waterfalls
- The way to apply the paint to enhance certain areas of your painting
- Ways to paint the tree masses that sit BEHIND the falls and create distance
- How to paint a rainbow and avoid the mistakes almost every painter makes
- How to add realistic details, like sun flares in your rainbow
- Three critical reasons you need to apply varnish in certain spots
- How to design and create a beautiful custom frame for your work
- How to paint trees and leaves that make viewers feel they are inside the forest
- How to piece dozens of drawings and oil sketches together to create a unified painting
- Thomas Kegler's entire step-by-step process, which he teaches in the Hudson River Fellowship

Running Time : Over 8 hours

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