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    DVD - Creating Portraits from Life with Patricia Watwood Au$169

This is a complete A to Z instructional video collection that reveals Patricia's method for painting stunning, museum-quality portraits that will leave your viewers speechless...Featuring almost 8 hours of in-depth instruction (and a bonus eye-opening interview with Patricia Watwood), this is an incredible resource that will dramatically improve your skills as a painter.

Does this sound like something you'd like to learn?Some people like to paint portraits to create a timeless image of someone special in their life, like a friend or family member. Portraits, of course, outlive their subjects and hang in the homes of family members for generations.Others paint them to make a living from their art - because (unlike some specialties) there's no shortage of patrons for portrait artists!Whatever your reason, we're sure you can agree that portraits have a powerful impact on the viewer that goes far deeper than simple aesthetics...

There's something very personal and even transcendent about viewing portraits, and the remarkable thing is, the experience is 10 times more profound when you are the one painting them!

Here's the thing:

You don't need to spend years of intense training in expensive art schools to learn this process. We've ask Patricia to reveal everything possible, holding nothing back, so you can watch it, try it, watch it again and again, and try it again and again...

In fact, you can begin to paint a beautiful portrait this weekend with Patricia Watwood's Creating Portraits From Life.

Running Time : Over 7 Hours

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