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    DVD - The Masters Mind with Bryan Mark Taylor Au$169

Travel into the minds of great artists and discover how they rose to a level of unsurpassed mastery - and how you can put their level of genius into your own artworkNow you can speed your progress as a painter more than ever before by using a newly discovered art learning technique that will save you thousands of hours of frustration.In The Master's Mind, Bryan will lead you on a journey to discover the secrets of mastery by showing you how to accelerate your learning process and focus your attention. You will quickly discover that the skills of a master painter are well within your grasp.

Watch and participate as Bryan:

- Explains, in easy-to-understand terms, how the human brain best learns. It's amazing and important science that you must know to achieve mastery.

- Shows you how the eyes and the brain work together to interpret what you see - not just the obvious objects, but what an artist needs to see in order to create paintings that you and others will find strikingly appealing. Without this, your paintings may never get beyond mediocrity.

- Reviews the 'hard skills' that are necessary for every artist to know - this knowledge alone will allow you to become a better painter and to paint more quickly, producing more paintings than ever. You will no longer struggle with the frustrations you may be having now, just by understanding and applying these hard skills.

- Reveals the real truth behind some of the myths and inaccurate 'rules' that artists have learned, either through formal education, workshops and classes, or from other artists - these faulty rules are holding you back, and once you know the truth, your mind and your skills will open up to new and amazing ways of learning and applying what you already know and what you will learn in the future.

- Explains exactly why you'll hit plateaus and what you can do to quickly move on - every artist hits these plateaus, but now you'll have the skills you need to move forward.

- The number one thing you must do before you go to bed so that you wake up feeling refreshed and inspired the next morning - you'll never have 'mind block' again!

- Gives you the best tips ever to avoid complacency and stagnation - the magic is in changing the way you think and how you learn. It's all here!

- Puts each new learning technique he presents into action so that you can both hear and see exactly what he means and how to do it - the concept of learning more quickly and efficiently is probably new to most of us, and Bryan teaches it in a way that makes it stick!

And so much more!

Running Time : 5 hours approx.

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