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    DVD - Step By Step Interior Design Art with Glen Farquhar Series 2 47.00Au$11.95

Featuring Grasses, Red Poles and Hidden City.
Watch how Glenn easily teaches Briony to paint Grasses, Red Poles and Hidden City in the DVD. Briony was initially nervous, as she had never painted anything before, but as she followed the easy Step By Step format, her confidence grew and she was excited to see her piece starting to take shape. Briony was delighted to find that her painting had the same professional quality as Glenns and how easy it had been following the Step By Step format. Most of all, she was surprised at how much fun it was creating her own artwork.In all the artwork Glenn uses artist acrylics and acrylic house paints, not oil based paints. This makes cleaning your brushes and hands so much easier. This is very important says Glenn because you're gonna get messy!

Running Time : 56 mins

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