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    DVD - Art Marketing Boot Camp with Eric Rhoads Au$199

You love creating your art, and you're probably very good at it. But when it comes to marketing and selling your artwork, that may be a different story. It would be a lot easier if sales just happened, but most successful artists - most well-known artists - have mastered the art of marketing their work. Few artists become known by accident; most make things happen through a very specific marketing plan.

Sound difficult? It's not.

If your goal is to sell more artwork, increase your visibility, and have more people desiring to own your art, Eric Rhoads Art Marketing Boot Camp will provide you with a step-by-step guide. You'll learn the tips and tricks to build your brand, increase your prices, make more paintings sell, and create collector desire to own your work. When Rhoads teaches this program privately, he charges $2,500 to attend

This DVD Includes: Determining the ideal life, and how to get there, Preparing for success, Understanding your priorities, Goal-setting, Developing a life plan, Developing and implementing your personal brand, How to get invited into more and higher-end shows and festivals, How to use social media to build a ravenous following, How to raise your prices AND increase demand, How to develop a strategy for strong sales in every season, How to spot collecting trends and capitalize on them, How to double your sales in each of the next five years, How to achieve your financial goals, How to sell online, How to get invited into the best art galleries, How to sell more at events, How to become a local and national celebrity, How to sell more workshop seats, How to build a secure future, How to get collectors to buy more frequently, How to advertise, and the biggest mistakes in advertising, How to make ads actually work, How to make stories to sell paintings, Tips to give you an advantage with your art gallery, Why understanding personality types will increase your sales, And much more.

Running Time : 4 hours

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