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    DVD - Watercolour for Beginners 1&2 with Peter Woolley Au$49.95

Part 1: The Building Blocks of Watercolour
Peter Woolley demonstrates each of the four basic washes (Plain Wash, Graded Wash, Wet-in-wet Wash and Transparent Wash) - The Building Blocks of Watercolour.A comprehensive Introduction to Materials, Paint Mixing, Paper Preparation and First Brushstrokes are covered in separate tutorials, along with two short features on Dry-brush Technique and Counter-change.
Part 2: Tone and Composition
Peter Woolley discusses the importance of Tonal Values in painting and gives two full tonal-study demonstrations.The art of good composition is explained with the help of an animated Composition Checklist, and the secrets of Fibonacci and The Golden Section are revealed.

Running Time : 68 mins & 53 mins

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