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    DVD - Sailing through Watercolours with Elizabeth Tyler Au$54.95

Elizabeth Tyler sails alone around the islands of Greece or hikes along the coast of Sweden in search of inspiration for her watercolour paintings. Here you can take a look over her shoulder while she paints incredible detail in spite of sitting on a rocking boat or on a frozen beach. This video takes a closer look at some of Elizabeth Tylers intriguing technique.The four chapters show in detail how she builds the composition up and works wet into wet, how she adds colour and lifts it off again, leaving a subtle trace behind. In Greece she paints a small sun drenched island across the water. Then during the Swedish winter she sits on a frozen beach meticulously rendering the rocks. Back in Greece again a small red boat in the setting sun attracts her attention and finally she rows out to get a close view of a rusty wreck and paints it in every detail.

Running Time : 70 mins

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