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    DVD - The Protector - Marine Paintings In Oil with Byron Pickering Au$43.95

Byron is one of the foremost marine artists of his generation. Added to this he is a superb teacher with the gift of lyrical narrative. Put all this together and you have an engrossing, entertaining and above all hugely informative DVD. Come dream with Byron on the rocky banks of the Pacific. Slanted rays of hazy sunlight drape the headlands in hues of red and gold. Fill your senses with the presence of the great sea stack, carved by millennia of wind and tides. This is "The Protector," a haven of life and a symbol of strength and protection. See the thundering surf just below - giant travelers from beyond the horizon, rising and expending their gathered energy in never-ending forms and patterns against the headlands. Now, gather your paints and brushes and, together with Byron's detailed help, bring "The Protector" to life on canvas.

Running Time : 89 mins

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