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DVD - Painting with Oils with Tom Coates  
Au$ 49.95

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In this films, Tom paints in oils, producing wonderfully observed landscapes in a loose, impressionist manner. He takes his paints to the Somme Estuary in Northern France, where he explores a wealth of subject matter. These include weekend crowds promenading by a river, estuaries and beaches - even an old fashioned carrousel. Tom works quickly on the spot using a small oil pochade, returning to make bigger paintings of the subjects that particularly appeal to him or using these small paintings to work up into large canvases in his studio.

Running Time : 60 mins
Category : Oils
Product Code : APVTC2 

DVD - Simplifying Watercolour with Tom Coates  
Au$ 49.95

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Tom has a loose, impressionist approach to painting and in this film he shows us how to simplify and capture the essence of a subject, painting in watercolour. He starts by painting an English meadow in the evening light and then travels to Brittany in Northern France where he paints a series of watercolours, full of life and movement. These include beach scenes with figures, boats, buildings - even a horse - as well as a view from his balcony in Jugon les Lacs.

Running Time : 85 mins
Category : Watercolour
Product Code : APVTC3 

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