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DVD - Capturing the Seasons in Oil with Tim Deibler   47.00
Au$ 39.95

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Sometimes its difficult to know how and where to start when painting a landscape in oils. In this DVD, Tim demonstrates four different approaches to start painting , showing how to create focal points using his loose , spontaneous style . Tims straightforward method of creating the scene by using simple geometric shapes and building paint layers to create definition and shape elements allows you to produce great effects with minimum effort.Through his practical and easy- to- follow demonstrations, Tim introduces you to his painting methods and you will learn how to use the four key elements of painting: shapes , values , colour and edges. He concentrates on the importance of capturing seasonal changes and the effect of light and reflection on the land. Tims encouraging, easy to remember instructions will inspire you to experience nature and paint what you see.

Running Time : 82 mins
Category : Oils
Product Code : TATDCSOD 

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