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DVD - Painting Niagara with Thomas Kegler  
Au$ 199

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In this video, for the first time ever, master painter Thomas Kegler reveals the step-by-step process he used to paint his masterwork Niagara, Psalms 84:11.This video is a masterwork in itself. We believe it will go down in history as an important documentary of how a single artist created such a monumental and historic painting, a feat few artists would ever attempt.If you have ever asked yourself HOW a painter can capture something as intricate and elaborate in nature as Niagara Falls, this video explains it in detail.What we find fascinating is how Thomas managed to create so many interwoven pieces, as though he'd done dozens of small paintings on one large canvas. It is so striking and realistic - and yet still lets the viewer have an emotional experience derived from Kegler's creative vision.

Running Time : Over 8 hours
Category : Oils,Acrylics
Product Code : SPNTG 

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