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Blu-ray - Design Dynamic Paintings with Ed Labadie   49.95
Au$ 14.95

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How fundamental design & composition principles can improve your paintings. Ed simplifies the time-honoured essentials of design and composition into simple, understandable lessons for painters of all levels, styles, and mediums. You will learn how to master these fundamentals to improve your paintings, from the very first line to the final brushstroke. Loaded with valuable academic lessons that will last a lifetime -- like a university education in a box. Lessons are illustrated with simple diagrams and step-by-step demonstrations, clarified with dozens of samples in watercolours, oils, acrylics, and photos, including studies of revered master artists.
Presented in High Definition on Blu-ray Disc

Running Time : 66 mins
Category : Theory / Other
Product Code : EDL2B 

DVD - The Art of John Ward RA CBE   49.95
Au$ 14.95

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Working in his studio over four days, we see John painting a large canvas of fellow artist and friend Gerald Norden, together with a student painter. We then follow him to Rome where he sketches and draws in watercolour amongst the wonderful architecture of the city. From his conversations with Gerald Norden and his many fascinating and amusing stories whilst working, we gain a rare insight into one of Britain's great painters.

Running Time : 80 mins
Category : Watercolour
Product Code : APVJW1 

DVD - The Wild Sea with Byron Pickering.   43.95
Au$ 13.19

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Just fabulous! This really is a great DVD. Allows you to closely observe every brush stroke, colour and design Byron uses to create his true-to-life seascapes. With clear explanation and illustrations he demonstrates the complex action of breaking surf. * How to achieve that glorious light shining through the wave. * Techniques that give you the illusion of flowing, crashing waves * How to branch out from primary colours to the infinite hues of nature * How to create believable foam patterns, light and shadow to lend dramaA must have DVD for anyone wanting to paint the Sea! Byron uses traditional oils.

Running Time : 53 mins
Category : Oils
Product Code : DVDBP1 

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