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DVD - Art In 20 Minutes Foamburst (Oils) with Roy Lang  
Au$ 27

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Learn to Paint foam bursting off angry, crashing waves in a volatile sea using oils.

Running Time : 20 mins
Category : Oils
Product Code : TARLFD 

DVD - Sea and Sky in Oils with Roy Lang   47.00
Au$ 39.95

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By understanding what makes a wave Roy believes you can learn to paint the subject convincingly. In this DVD he breaks each element down into easy to follow sections.Combining sound technical know-how with a friendly manner which is great for beginners and advanced painters alike.Roy takes you through the composition and shows you how to fix the horizon before mixing the right range of colours, explaining the different brush strokes he uses and the effects they make - building up to the final painting, step-by-step.

Running Time : 60 mins
Category : Oils
Product Code : TARLSSOD 

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