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DVD - Dramatic Light with Patrick Howe   47.00
Au$ 39.95

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Theres nothing more beautiful or more desirable to an artist than being able to capture qualities of light in a painting. The blush of an early morning sunrise revealing a diffused glaze of mist and fog, the radiance of intense midday sunlight, the warm glow of late afternoon or the intense, concentrated light of street lamps at night.These are the qualities that infuse a painting with life - lifting it out of the flat, two dimensional forms and into a lifelike image that pleases the eye.Working in both watercolor and oil, Patrick Howe teaches you how to create the sensitive, dramatic and illuminating effects in all your paintings in easy to follow steps.Starting very simply with just one watercolor and one brush, he takes you through the different stages, explaining how to turn the white of your paper into sunlight. He will also show you how to achieve the different qualities of light, and how to achieve contours and shapes and gradations of tone that give an object that 3D lifelike feel.He culminates in a step-by-step demonstration of an intensely rich and vibrant oil painting of a street-scene, with the black of night lit up by the glow of street lamps and shop windows.Patricks easy, informal teaching is a pleasure to watch and perfect for both beginners and those seeking to improve their painting techniques.

Running Time : 67 mins
Category : Theory / Other
Product Code : TAPHDLD 

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