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DVD - Edward Seago Oil Landscape Techniques with Miles Fairhurst  
Au$ 59.95

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There can be few artists who have inspired so many painters both amateur and professional as the late Edward Seago. His enduring style of romantic landcsape painting captivated all who saw it. Edward Seago (1910-1974) was a favourite of the Royal Family and indeed he gave Prince Charles one of his first paiting lessons. On the centenary of his birth we are proud to release this new DVD featuring Suffolk artist Miles Fairhurst who has made a lifelong study of Seago and his painting techniques. Miles father was a Norwich based painter and art dealer who handled some of Seagos work. As Miles says - There were always some Seago originals knocking around the house. Something must have rubbed off. Miles paints in a wonderfully evocative style that captures the essence of Edward Seagos oil landscapes. On this DVD he paints four full demonstrations of the kind of subjects that Seago would turn to over and over again. A must for all Seago fans.

Running Time : 1 hour 35 mins
Category : Oils
Product Code : THF022 

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