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DVD - The Beginners Guide to Acrylic Painting with Marion Dutton  
Au$ 39.95

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In this easy to follow DVD Marion shows you how to paint a Winter and Summer landscape using Acrylics. She shows you how to mix the colours before taking you step-by-step through the different elements and how to use your artists tools to best effect.Demonstrating a variety of techniques such as scumbling to create the illusion of distant trees to stippling the leaves onto the trees, Marion really makes it look simple.

Running Time : 50 mins
Category : Acrylics
Product Code : TAMDBALD 

DVD - Top Techniques for Artists with Geoff Kersey, Marion Dutton and Jeremy Ford  
Au$ 39.95

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This DVD features 3 of the most popular artists demonstrating their projects in detail - join Geoff Kersey as he reveals some simple, practical advice for creating an atmospheric golden landscape in watercolour, Marion Dutton shares her top tips for using oils to paint a stunning red rose and Jeremy Ford takes us on a beautiful pastel journey to create a sparkling Mediterranean beach scene.

Running Time : 85 mins
Category : Oils,Watercolour,Pastel
Product Code : TATTAD 

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