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DVD - Yes You Can Draw with Malcolm Cudmore (2 DVD set)  
Au$ 47

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"If you can write your name, drive a car or follow a recipe then you can learn to draw!"Ideal for both beginners and those who want to improve their drawing skills - this exciting NEW double DVD set features professional artist, Malcolm Cudmore who breaks down the barriers and removes the fear of drawing.In the first DVD, Malcolm takes you through the different elements involved in drawing and shares his top tips and tricks to help build your confidence and self-belief.In the second DVD, Malcolm shows you how to put all the techniques and teachings into practical use as he approaches the difficult challenges of drawing on location. He completes a smaller portrait and larger landscape, taking you through the stages of the complete drawing process.Pick up a pencil, make your mark and discover the enjoyment of drawing - even if you think you can't draw a straight line.

Running Time : 160 mins
Category : Drawing
Product Code : TAMCDD 

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