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DVD - Seasons in Watercolour with Jane Betteridge  
Au$ 47

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In this double disc DVD, Jane guides you through 4 vibrant watercolour paintings exploring 'Seasons in Watercolour'.Jane uses experimental methods to mix bold, strong colour with fluid movement, creating beautifully lively art that capture the fun and excitement of the medium like no other.You will explore wet in wet, granulation, lifting out and Jane's signature 'spattering' technique across the four paintings. The variety of colour reflects each season, as Jane demonstrates mixed-media and watercolour to capture the textures of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Running Time : 137 mins (2 Discs)
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Product Code : TAJBSWD 

DVD - Watercolours Unleashed with Jane Betteridge  
Au$ 39.95

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In the early stages of the DVD, Jane shows you how to master the perfect vibrant wet-in-wet background, placing colour in certain spots to mix and create beautiful and surprising mixes. These backgrounds become the base of many of Jane's works, and the main project here is no exception. In the later stages, she will create a lively and exciting dandelion clock using watercolour, inks, granulation mediums and delicate brush strokes to inspire you to create your own wonderful and experimental unleashed watercolours.

Running Time : 60 mins
Category : Watercolour
Product Code : TAJBWUD 

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