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DVD - Techniques of the Hudson River School Masters with Erik Koeppel  
Au$ 169

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For over 100 years artist’s have tried to master the look and feel of the Hudson River School Painters. Now, for the first time Erik Koeppel shares these lost techniques. This DVD starts with a demonstration and discussion on sketching your composition, understanding what is important to leave in and take out. We then go on location to do an outdoor “plein air” oil sketch to capture the essence of the scene. Because trees are so difficult to paint and understand we do a separate tree study at sunset. We then take you into the studio for hours of enjoyment where you’ll learn the glazing techniques of the Hudson River School Masters, plus we’ll take all the elements and create a more in-depth studio painting, walking you through every step. Erik Koeppel is an excellent instructor. Whether or not you want to paint like the Hudson River School painters, the principles of these lost techniques can be applied to other painting styles, including impressionism. You’ll learn volumes about how to paint in this video.

Running Time : Over 9 Hours
Category : Oils
Product Code : SHREK1 

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