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DVD - Painting Birds - The Kestrel with David Hyde   47.00
Au$ 39.95

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Many people find the thought of painting a wildlife subject to be daunting but this need not be the case! In this truly inspiring guide, David Hyde shows you how to paint a complete wildlife picture using a series of simple step-by-step stages.David uses a Kestrel as an example of how to paint a wildlife subject from start to finish throwing in some useful hints and tips along the way. He goes out on location to source some reference material and then demonstrates how to get the best from that to suit your painting.Working in Acrylics, he opens up his teachings to all levels of acrylic artists, constantly describing what he is doing and why he is doing it. Throughout the DVD, David gives advice on materials and useful techniques such as showing you how to get the most from your brush marks, creating a sense of depth, distance and texture and how best to install light that is true to your reference material.David proves that a relatively complex subject and composition is quite achievable, regardless of your level and by simply breaking everything down into small, simple steps and building your painting back up piece-by-piece will open the door to endless painting possibilities!Great for all levels

Running Time : 60 mins
Category : Acrylics
Product Code : TADHPBD 

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