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CD-ROM workshop - Paint the Breaking Wave with Byron Pickering  
Au$ 19.95

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Over 30 pages of step-by-step instruction and close-up illustrations for viewing on your computer! This CD takes you through the equivalent of a five day workshop - to a completed painting of the sea.Byron explains brush techniques and color mixing and answers questions students often ask. He shows you how he gets the iridescent light in the waves - gets the feeling of crashing surf, and more.Byron uses traditional oils.

Running Time : N/A
Category : Theory / Other
Product Code : CDBP1 

DVD - The Wild Sea Plus CD-ROM Workshop with Byron Pickering  
Au$ 55

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DVD - 'The Wild Sea' Plus CD-ROM Workshop. Both The 'Wild Seas' DVD and 'Paint the Breaking wave CD-Rom for just $59 including FREE EXPRESS POSTAGE

Running Time : 53 mins for DVD
Category : Oils
Product Code : DVDCDBP 

DVD - The Wild Sea with Byron Pickering.   43.95
Au$ 13.19

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Just fabulous! This really is a great DVD. Allows you to closely observe every brush stroke, colour and design Byron uses to create his true-to-life seascapes. With clear explanation and illustrations he demonstrates the complex action of breaking surf. * How to achieve that glorious light shining through the wave. * Techniques that give you the illusion of flowing, crashing waves * How to branch out from primary colours to the infinite hues of nature * How to create believable foam patterns, light and shadow to lend dramaA must have DVD for anyone wanting to paint the Sea! Byron uses traditional oils.

Running Time : 53 mins
Category : Oils
Product Code : DVDBP1 

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