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Current Top 5 Best Sellers:

Going Wild in Watercolour
with Jake Winkle

A Journey in Watercolour
with Herman Pekel

Watercolour Rainbow
with Hazel Soan

W/c for the Absolute Beginner
with Matthew Palmer

People at Work
with Joseph Zbukvic

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Recent Additions to our Range:
Just In

Watercolour Rainbow
with Hazel Soan
Just In

The Magical World of Fantasy
Watercolours with Sharon Hurst

Going Wild in Watercolour
with Jake Winkle

A Journey in Watercolour
with Herman Pekel

W/c for the Absolute Beginner
with Matthew Palmer

Colour In Your Life - Series 3
with Graeme Stevenson

Enchanting Painting Effects with
FREE Magic Watercolour Eraser

Watercolour Fast and Free
with John Hoar

Wild About Oil
with Pip McGarry

Charles Reid's English
Watercolour Sketchbook

Pure Watercolour
with James Fletcher-Watson

Watercolour Secrets
with Matthew Palmer

Oil Sketches
with Peter Brown

Captivating Cats in Pastel
with Vic Bearcroft

Pastel Workout
with Jackie Simmonds

Drawing For Fun
with Brian Doyle

Wessons Watercolour Secrets
with Steve Hall

Just Draw (Life Drawing 3 DVD Set)
with Dr Manny

Stunning Crystal & Glass (W/c)
with Joy Faulknor

Painting Outside the Lines
with Linda Kemp

10-Minute Watercolours
with Hazel Soan

Colour In Your Life - Series 2
with Graeme Stevenson

Water Painting Techniques (W/c)
with Gordon Mackenzie

Just Watercolour
with David Howell

Atmospheric Watercolours
with David Curtis

Successful Summer W/c Landscapes
with Robert Brindley

A-Z Botanical Flowers W/c
with Michael Lakin

Hints & Tips Watercolour
with Matthew Palmer

Botanical Illustration Course
with Rosie Martin & Meriel Thurston

Drawings & Mixed Media
with Tricia Reust

Drawing & Painting Wild Animals
with Vic Bearcroft

Ray Campbell Smith's
Way with Watercolou

Step by Step Series 7,8,9 & 10
with Glen Farquhar

Revealing The Secrets of Acrylics
with Soraya French SWA

Colour In Your Life - Series 1
with Graeme Stevenson

Yes You Can Draw
with Malcolm Cudmore

Improve your Skies in W/c
with Geoff Kersey

Magic/Outdoor Twin Pack
with James Fletcher-Watson

Chinese W/c Techniques - Animals
with Lian Quan Zhen

Dynamic Flowers
with Dee Cowell

Puppy & kitten in Pastel
with Vic Bearcroft

The Pen & Wash Course
with Margaret Evans

Improve Your Boats in W/c
with Ian King

Expressive Oil Portraits
with Andrew James R.P.

Vibrant Acrylics
with Hashim Akib

Trees, Woodlands & Forests in W/c
with Geoff Kersey

My World of Watercolour
with Shirley Trevena R.I.

North of England
with Alvaro Castagnet

Portrait Painting (W/c)
with Hilary Page

Figurative Watercolours
with Charles Reid

Atelier Interactive Acrylics
with Fraser Scarfe

Beyond Watercolour
with Chris Forsey RI

Watercolour Passion
with Jean Haines

Developing your Watercolours
with David Bellamy

Winter Landscapes in Oil
with Brian Ryder

Flowers in Acrylics
with Tim Fisher

Line, Wash and Watercolour
with John Hoar

Ancient Buildings
with Reg Siger

Step by Step Abstract Art 3 to 6
with Glenn Farquhar

My Vision in Watercolour
with Herman Pekel

Flower Painting through the Seasons
with Ann Blockley

Painting Nature in Pen & Ink
with Claudia Nice

Travelling Adventures in W/c
with David Bellamy

Simplifying Oil Landscapes
with Chris Daynes

Light & Movement in W/c
with Jake Winkle

Keith Fenwicks
Top Tips Watercolour

Rural France in Watercolour
with Joseph Zbukvic

Creatiing Light in Oil
with Richard Pikesley

Painting Water
with Joe Francis Dowden

Water Fundamentals (Acrylics)
with Mark Waller

Foam & Whitewash (Acrylics)
with Mark Waller

Tips & Techniques (Acrylics)
with Mark Waller

Brush with Watercolour
with Terry Harrison

The Passionate Painter in Paris
with Alvaro Castagnet

Mediterranean Landscapes
with Geoff Kersey

Dynamic Oil Portraits
with Tim Benson AROI

The Essence of Watercolour
with Hazel Soan

Three DVD Pack
with Mark Waller

Amazing Ways with Watercolour
with Jean Haines

Oil Sketching on Location
with Robert Brindley RSMA

The Complete W/c Landscape Course
with Ian King

Ultimate Drawing & Painting Bible
with Trudy Friend

The Art Course

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